First blog post

How does one start a Blog?  I am going to go with “Hi, I am Graham, and welcome to my travel blog” . That doesn’t sound cheesy at all.

Let it be said at the outset, that this is not for commercial gain. No-one of sound mind would pay to read this stuff.  There will be no self-improvement advice or endorsements of luxury products, but I am willing to try the latter if they are sent to me. Any opinions I voice are my own, unless I hear something I really like and then pass it off as my own. Some of these opinions might offend or  make reference to nuts or animal products. You have been warned.

This is called a travel blog, but being metaphysical (or pretentious as my wife would  probably say),  for a moment, if life is a journey, and if we see that journey as train travel, then this is a journal about life on the London Euston to Glasgow Central line after, let’s say, Preston.

I retire today, after 30 years in a profession that was revered when I joined it and is reviled now. I shan’t name it online. My first boss would claim, if he were still sane and sober, that I retired 30 years, ago, but I like to think that I did something positive along the way and it wasn’t a completely pointless exercise. Think of me, if you will, as an engineer of social change, someone who only did good things at a very reasonable price. One can always dream.

Ok, so this retirement thing (did I really start a sentence with “Ok, so”?). It is pretty big actually. Having looked forward to it for a very long time, as the moment approaches, it is not quite liberating; more…… bewildering.  I have already bored my colleagues with several farewell speeches and I guess I may face one last one today. At least I hope I face one. Imagine that – no presentation, no speech, just hand in your security key tag as you leave.  Awful!  No, I am sure there will be something. They are a great bunch my (soon to be) former colleagues and I will miss them more than they miss me. The funny thing is, for so many years, I have been the one saying goodbye on behalf of the Firm. Now I am the one being said goodbye to. I hope I can hold it together.

Editorial Note: There is a bit of poetic licence going on here, of course. Reality is not quite so romantic or stark, as I will be continuing to work part time, although, in a different role, but it just sounds a bit boring, so I won’t dwell on that.


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