The Plan (Draft 1)

We didn’t have gap years as such when I left school, and budget air travel had yet to be invented. [editorial note. I was going to describe budget air travel back then as an oxymoron but was worried some people I know might misconstrue it as a cruel reference to them hyper ventilating].

Many of us saw going  on to university or college as an opportunity for three or more gap years (which……., they were….), but there was little travel possible on a student grant (mind you at least we still had them then) and those years were just a temporary postponement to becoming a wage slave. 

Don’t get me wrong; getting a job was as difficult then as it is now, was a noble aspiration and was preferable to a life on the dole.  The problem with it though was a measly four weeks’ annual holiday. Four weeks!  That meant working the other 48.  Of course, Americans only get two weeks and some get none at all, so I should not be ungrateful or insensitive (actually digging a hole here), but what I mean to say is that after a career where the most holiday you actually take at a time is two weeks, the first thing you want to do if you can, when you retire,is to see the World at your leisure. You just have to get over that travel thing to do so.

SO, the plan is to travel and not worry about getting back to a full inbox and three thousand e mails. The plan, such as it is, is to sail off into the sunset.

Except we are not sailing; we are flying. First Stop Australia. 

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