Airport Hotels

Some airports are worth a visit in themselves. In Dubai,  an engineering marvel in marble and chrome, they have an indoor waterfall, and in Singapore, there is an airside swimming pool. Others have cinemas and spas. In  the U.K., we have Costa  and WH Smith.

Until they built Windshear Airport on the Island of St Helena, (where it is not actually possible to land a commercial aeroplane), our busiest hub airport, Heathrow, serving the Nation’s capital, was arguably, the worst designed airport in the worst situation in the World. 

Guernsey airport,  my “local” if you will, may well have been designed by the same people behind Heathrow. At  336 feet above sea level, and in a precise East/West configuration, it is ideally placed to take full advantage of the low cloud (usually around 336 feet above sea level), and strong crosswinds (usually from the South West) that are a regular feature of that part of the World. Flight delays or cancellations are always possible as a result.  The very real risk,therefore, of being “rock bound” before your holiday of a lifetime,  is a reason why many choose to travel the day before and stay overnight in the U.K.

 An airport hotel is a necessity for people like us.   Even if based in the U.K. already, if you are ueber cautious, as we are, and you worry more than usual about getting to the airport on time, you might want to arrive the night before and luxuriate in an airport hotel.Take the worry out of transport to the terminal and just roll out of bed and  roll into departures.

Try doing that at Heathrow.  The uninitiated might reasonably assume that an airport hotel is actually at the airport.   Not so at Heathrow, whose space age design dictates that most hotels for most of the terminals are outside the airport perimeter. Walking with luggage from hotel to terminal is not an option (unless your destination is A and E), so, unless you are willing to take out a second mortgage for a taxi, you take a “shuttle”, and like the coach on your holiday trip to your hotel, this shuttle stops at every other hotel in the Hounslow area  after yours and every other terminal before yours. Unlike that coach though, there will be no free seats on your shuttle.

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