Up in the air

If you are offended by conspicuous consumption you should turn away now. A couple of colleagues of mine once  posted on that face thing, a picture of themselves drinking champagne in the first class section of an aircraft, as they jetted off to a cocktail party somewhere in the Far East [BTW, has anyone ever wondered  why we call that the East and ourselves the West?  Why not the other way round? And where is the Middle? Just asking….] Anyway, seeing two of the bosses drinking Bolly at the front of the plane in the posh seats did not go down well back on the shop floor for some reason, and I understand the post was hastily withdrawn.

There is a risk of righteous indignation here as well,  because this is how my wife is travelling to Australia. For those who send hate mail, assume please that I am travelling economy on the lower deck. In fact, assume I am not even on the plane (even though both are obviously not true).

This is the First Class accommodation on the Emirates Airbus 380.  You get your own private mini cabin and mini bar. There is a bathroom too, which is much bigger and fancier  than our bathroom at home, and if you are into socialising, there is a bar to the rear of the business class section. The really cool thing about this though is that this post is being sent in real time from 33,052,  no 33,611, no 33,988,…..above 34,000 feet, courtesy of the onboard wifi system. No escape from the work emails now then (if you are working that is). 

The trouble with luxury travel is that, unless you are very wealthy in your own right or one of those narcissistic spoilt morons with rich parents who post pictures of themselves on their own instavain pages,  you cannot travel like this every time, and you know you are going back to economy … and real life.  Still, like life itself, you gotta enjoy it while you can!

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