Connections Part 2

If in doubt, follow the locals.  Ground staff told us to wait in the lounge for further instructions,  and we duly and despondently sloped off.  Noticing  a group of frantic Australians from our flight making a break for it though, we took a chance and followed them at speed.  

As luck would have it, they were on their way to Perth as well and knew that the flight had not yet left the gate. So much for official communications.

Running like out of breath retired wrestlers (well, I was- Lorna was more like a gazelle), we sprinted through 3 lifts, one shuttle and about a mile of shopping mall to Gate A22 for Perth. All I remember of that treck were the signs and arrows to Gate A22.  

We didn’t get to see the indoor waterfall or buy the stuffed dates from duty free but we made the flight and, duly rested and showered after a very nice second flight, we will soon be in Perth.

Our luggage was not as swift as us, and is on another, later flight. We might be a bit wiffy with no fresh clothes until the cavalry arrives, but at least we will be there. 

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