Perth.   Morning after arrival

I woke at 3 am, raring to go, and with no idea where we were, but lay prone in bed until 5, when our luggage caught us up and was delivered to our room. I had been trying  not to disturb Lorna (who was sound asleep), in the vain hope that staring at the ceiling might be doing me some good. Sort of  virtual sleeping. Completely ineffective.

 Deciding no further sleep was necessary  after the luggage arrived,  I thought it would be a great idea to go and explore the local area. Lorna thought it was a great idea for me to leave the room and go anywhere, on my own, and the sooner the better, so off I trotted.

The City seemed very pleasant to me. Light, bright, clean and well planned. I stress the clean part of that, bearing in mind this was day break on New Year’s day, and there was no litter or malodorous evidence of over-indulgence to be seen or smelt.  A walk at that time back home would be very different and far less fragrant. 

I concluded the taxi driver had been rather harsh in her assessment of the city.  To be fair to her though, as a born and bred Perth “blue blood” , I suppose she has seen a lot of changes. Whilst we saw a modern cosmopolitan city, she lamented a loss of history and community. 

Perth claims to have the best weather  in Australia, some fantastic sights to see if you know where to go, and has a lot going for it.  Not renowned  for its work ethic though.  Australians from the East tell me the WA designation of its State stands for Wait Awhile and not Western Australia as I had always thought.  

When I got back to the hotel room, Lorna was awake, having been unable to get back to sleep. I could be wrong, but she seemed a little grumpy. No idea why.

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