Plains, Trains and kangaroos – Day 4

It was particularly rocky during our last night on the train,  and Lorna was still anxious about potential derailment, as we headed into the Blue Mountains.  For my part, I was virtually comatose, having taken full advantage of the complimentary wine and brandy over dinner. My sleep was only broken by occasional sharp nudges in the chest; the consequential snoring was not enhancing Lorna’s night.

The early morning saw us pass through the uplands and foothills up into the heart of the mountains, through Katoomba,  where we would be staying after leaving the train. It was raining and generally overcast up there (for the first time in weeks apparently), much to the amusement of our new Australian  friends in the lounge, who noted, over breakfast, that we had brought British weather with us. Rain aside, it is spectacularly beautiful up there.

I suppose it was the weather, with its the attendant grey tinge to the landscape, and theVictorian railway stations from this point on down into the Sydney suburbs, that made it feel as if we were back in England.  We passed slowly  through Stations such as Penrith, which could  have passed for Purley Oaks back home.

On down the mountain very slowly and into Sydney Central Station.  We had crossed the continent.

Into the foothills

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