The Automobile Challenge

And so,  having reached Sydney, we said farewell to our gang of explorers and headed off to find a hire car; we were driving to our next destination. 

I had never been to Sydney before, and I had not driven in Australia before.  This is not a good combination if you are looking to drive out of the city, and is not recommended. We had received conflicting directions advice on the train, and had been advised that Sydney drivers were unforgiving. I was a little nervous therefore,about what should be a two hour journey up to the mountains. 

Two points for the uninitiated to note:

1. Do not assume that people only drive on the left in places where the weather is generally rubbish and that in hot and sunny places, they drive on the right.  They drive on the left here. Quite important that one.

2. The indicators may be on the right of the steering column and the wipers on the left.

You might gather from these risk warnings, that these were early mistakes made by me, as we left the hire car office and headed out of the city.

Those errors and a few, admittedly, late lane changes on my part, earnt me some appreciative honks from Sydney motorists.

After about half an hour though, we had left the city and were on the m4 heading into the mountains.  It was safe enough for Lorna to open her eyes again and relax as we cruised on and up to the mountains.

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