Sydney-Monday morning

Early start today – not through choice. Our ground floor  bedroom has a great location on the waterfront, overlooking the Opera House and the cruise ship terminal and, in consequence, the walkway in front of us is popular with sightseers and photographers. Three wedding groups,so far, have had their official photos taken there since we checked in.

We have grown accustomed to the sounds of the harbour coming to life around 5:30/ 6:00am, just as the sun is rising, but today, apparently, something unusual was happening much earlier. Today, we were woken by the unmistakable (and loud) sounds of exuberant youth, outside our window at 4:45 am. Now, we are not party poopers, but we are fond of sleep, especially at that time of day, so,  not unreasonably, after enduring more than half an hour of this commotion,  I thought I might step outside and ask them, politely, to shut the hell up.

They either ignored or didn’t hear me, but as there were 8 of them and they were each at least 30 years younger than me, I thought it best not to press the point, but instead,  to retreat, shut the curtain, and make a cup of tea.

I was curious though, and as the light just before dawn was extraordinarily beautiful, I thought I would risk stepping outside again to take some photos (which I have posted below).  Shortly afterwards, it became clear why they were there.

The massive Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Ovation of the Seas, was about to dock, right in front of us.  A different cruise ship has docked here every day since we arrived, but this is by far the largest we have seen.  The gang outside cheered and waved as the ship gingerly edged its way across to its berth and then, quietly, went on their way.  Our gang of youths were ship watching nerds. Bless ’em.

Sydney sunrise

Just before the dawn

What can they be waiting for?

Could it be a large ship?

Most definitely a large ship

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