Sydney – Last Full Day

Our last full day in Sydney did not have a promising start. It was overcast and raining. A real contrast to the glorious weather we had been having . I still went out for an early morning jog to the Royal Botanic Garden though and Lorna went to the gym in her new Lorna Jane kit.

Fortunately, the rain cleared by mid-morning, in time for us to take our seaplane flight out of Rose Bay.  That was our first experience of seaplane flight. Lorna remarked that take off and landing were a lot smoother than we are used to in Guernsey.  

We took a 15 minute scenic flight around the Sydney Harbour area, initially at 500 feet and then climbing to 1,000 feet above the bridge.  We did take some photos, but flying at 120 knots and peering under wing struts do not make for superlative photography.  Some photos have been posted, and should give a flavour of this experience. It is well worth the trip.

 Taking a water taxi back to Circular Quay, we thought we might augment the aerial theme today by venturing up Sydney’s sky tower. The tower dominates the skyline, but is strangely difficult to find, principally because the entrance is on the 5th floor of the massive Westfield Shopping Mall, on the very upmarket shopping boulevard of Pitt Street, and is not well signposted. You might consider trying to find the entrance on the top floor of the Mall, which is on the 7th floor.   If you try this, you will be disappointed, unless you are looking for the reception  for JP Morgan. 

I am sure a lot of stupid tourists like us make their way up there and ask the same question I did.  They must be used to it. That is what I keep telling myself.  

In the event, when we found the entrance, there was a very slow-moving queue, so we decided to abandon that idea and head down to the Royal Botanic Garden for lunch.  It was getting very hot and the mall was crowded with office workers and tourists having lunch breaks. We took a circuitous route to look at Sydney’s Hyde park. This is nice but isn’t a patch on the Royal Botanic Garden. 

A light lunch, a stroll back to the hotel. Afternoon by the pool and an evening to prepare for departure.

We have had a great time in Sydney.  It really is a superb city with something for everyone. Once again, I just wish we could have spent more time here.

Sydney from 1,000 feet showing Royal Botanic Gardens in foreground

Bondi Beach at 500 Feet

You would not want to lose the ball here

The bridge from 1,000 feet

Royal Botanic Gardens at ground level

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