Hamilton Island

If only the Whitsunday Islands weren’t so far away, we Europeans would be there every year. If you like exotic wildlife, beach holidays in Mauritius, Barbados or the Thai Islands (the quieter ones), you would love it here. If you hate cars but love golf carts, this is the place to come. Cars are banned here, other than for service personnel, but golf carts are all over the place. 
The Islands are popular as tourist destinations with Australians, and justifiably so, but we have not so far heard very many British or other European accents at our resort.

I have not had much to report these past couple of days, principally  because I have been very busy by the hotel pool, reading a Frederick Forsyth.  Lorna has been working on her tan. After an energetic week in Sydney, we wanted to unwind here and discover the Island at a leisurely pace. We do have some activities booked in the next few days though.

We have been adopted by a very tame sulphur crested cockatoo, who is very fond of nuts, but strangely, less keen on fruit, and who has moved on to our terrace.  He would come indoors if we let him. He knocks at the window  or pretends to steal our drying swimwear if he wants attention, and wakes us in the morning with a very characteristic screech.  There are quite a few cockatoos on the Island, all completely unafraid of humans and always on the lookout for food.

On our first night here, as we walked to dinner, we virtually bumped into a family of kangaroos, on the croquet lawn. They were not playing croquet – just eating the grass, but it is still something we have not seen before.  We saw several kangaroos from the train, but were never quick enough to get the camera out.  

Last night,  we saw our first possum, outside our villa. We have also seen scores of bats flying at night. They may be the reason we have not been bothered by any mosquitoes, despite being outside in the evenings. 

You do expect to see plenty of wildlife here; some pleasant, some less pleasant.  I think it was Bill Bryson, who observed that there are more creatures in Australia that can kill you, than anywhere else on Earth.  Mindful of this, we still check under the loo seat for funnel web spiders, and I was somewhat freaked out the other night, when I walked into a cobweb under a low-hanging palm leaf, but we have not actually seen anything more threatening than a very large beetle, who was minding his own business under one of the Swiss Balls in the gym.

Today, we plan to explore further afield (provided we have enough charge on the cart).

Go on – let me in.
Ok – I’ll wait here then. What’ s for lunch?
Golf Cart City
View from a hill
If you don’t feed me soon, I am going to eat your shorts.
Go on -Pleeeeeze let me in!
View of a pool and sea with some hills, parasols and trees
Anyone for croquet?
I am still waiting!
How do you like me here?
Meet the family

3 thoughts on “Hamilton Island

    1. Yes. We are in a windward pavilion. Yours will be exactly like ours. It won’t be ours, because we are staying put! You will love it.

      Will send some more pics and a,video on the pavilions etc. via whatsapp.


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