The Vision Issue.

Yesterday morning, I washed my hair in the shower with moisturising  lotion.  This was not a deliberate act of folly on my part,  nor, I hope, an early indication of senility; I just could not read the labels on the toiletries and took a chance, that with the two identical-looking bottles in the shower cubicle, one would be shower gel and the other shampoo.  It was that sort of deductive reasoning that kept me at the top of my game in working life.

Alas, I was wrong on this occasion and remained ignorant, and greasy- haired, all day.

Ageing does not have a lot going for it, other than being better than the alternative. One of the downsides, as anyone over 45 will attest, is that the old eyesight gets a little ropey in dim light or with smallprint (smallprint, for these purposes,  being anything smaller than billboard font). Nowadays, along with copious quantities of medication, I am usually accompanied by my reading glasses, but I do not usually wear them in the shower. Now I know better.

Why do hotel complimentary toiletry bottles all look the same, and why are the labels on them written on microfilm?  Just asking.

Hotels generally seem to compound the problem by providing dim lighting in hotel rooms. I suppose this is fashionable, as mood or eco-friendly lighting.  I don’t have that complaint here, as they cater for idiots like me by providing lighting that is adjustable.  Lorna and I take full advantage of the searchlight mode when in residence. Unfortunately, the light in the shower is not adjustable.

Restaurants are other culprits when it comes to keeping you in the dark.  I don’t know if it is to stop you seeing what you eat or what, but in our experience, most are dark. If you are ever caught out without your reading glasses, you will have great difficulty reading the menu for your evening dinner. 

We went to a particular restaurant once, on a cruise liner, where they were obviously familar with this problem, and had a selection of reading glasses for diners.  A friend, having forgotten his reading glasses on that occasion, chose an Edna Everidge pair and was well chuffed. Not many could carry that look off, but he looked good.

If you ever mislay your reading glasses and the restaurant does not provide stylish, yet practical eyewear, I have a top tip for you.  The smartphone in your pocket includes a torch function, which can illuminate even the most challenging of menus. You may appear a little odd to other diners, but you will be able to read.  Amazing or what?

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