The Discovery Tour

You know what it’s like. You arrive at a resort and, excited to be there, you sign up to every excursion going, sometimes with scant attention to detail.

We thought we were going on a walking tour today, and, advised to bring walking shoes, and sunhat, I wore my mountain boots, long trousers, shirt and knapsack .  All that was missing was the Pith helmet, and I would have looked like a Victorian explorer. I was scornful of Lorna, whose sole concession to a walk through the jungle, was to put on a pair of trainers. I anticipated meeting giant lizards, iguananas, mosquitoes and ticks, and there was no way I was going in there with shorts on.

Our fellow treckers were dressed in a similar fashion to Lorna, so I smiled inwardly, smug as smug can be, that I was the professional and they were going to get bitten or stung or scratched or generally uncomfortable, whilst I would cruise on through.

You can imagine my surprise therefore, when our minibus took us to the marina, where Rex, the skipper of the Atomic motorboat and his crewmate were waiting for us.

We were off to Mackerel Bay on Hook Island again, to do a spot of snorkelling again. Having snorkelled there two days previously, and having snorkelled the day before, I was, somewhat, snorkelled out, but since I knew Lorna wouldn’t get in the water and we could hardly both sit on the boat for an hour or so, whilst our fellow passengers swam, I knew I would  have to feign enthusiasm and don the cheesy fragrant stinger suit again.

As luck would have it, I did have swimming trunks in my explorer kit and the conditions were much better than they had been two days earlier, so much so, that we could see far more in the way of fish and coral.  

An hour later, we were on the move to other islands, to the discovery part of the tour, which was, fortunately, on land, and it did involve climbing a  steep hillside to view cave paintings made by indigenous peoples thousands of years previously. It was interesting, albeit blisteringly hot and humid, especially with long trousers on, but they did, at least,offer some protection from the flies there, which were like needle wielding street thugs. 

We were glad to get back on the boat for some respite and some food.  We motored out through a verdant estuary into the open water and then back to Hamilton Island.

The weather had held , at least today and it turned out to be a good day, but you can have too much of a good thing, and I won’t be going snorkelling for a while.

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