At least it wasn’t United Airlines

Did you see the video clips?  Talk about viral! Forcibly removed from a paid for and taken seat to make way for some crew member and they broke his nose and two teeth in the process. Fly the friendly skies? I don’t think so.

No – United Airlines will not be at the top of my airline choices.

By comparison, any flight I have taken has paled into comfortable insignificance.  I mean, our flight over to Orlando this time round was a little uncomfortable on the old derrière after several hours, and there was some mix up with the seats (last minute change of aircraft) but at least no-one got beaten up. That is because we flew BA, and they don’t do that sort of thing.

I was going to moan slightly that due to pur original plane going technical, we had to sit in a different seating configuration on a back-up plane and we spent two hours on the ground before they found all the cases meant to be coming with us, so a nine hour flight became an 11 hour flight,  but seriously, that was no biggie. 

As for grandson – he was an absolute star.  Loved the flight , no complaints at all, and to be fair, all the children we saw on the flight were similarly happy and looking forward to seeing the Mouse. 

We flew World Traveller Plus this time round – which was alright. This route is a bit like a bus route for Brits and the aircraft we get tend to be a bit on the faded side. The food and service  is pretty good though and you can order in advance,  but the inflight entertainment is a bit naff really. You can just about see the seat back screens, but the resolution makes it look as if you are watching through net curtains and the limited selection of films is a about two months behind itunes or sky box office, so if you watch new films regularly at home, you won’t get any nice viewing surprises onboard. (I thought we used to get in-flight  films at the same time as cinema releases,  but  maybe that never happened. )

 Better, I always think, to bring an ipad and watch some box sets or catch ups  recorded at home, or just read a book if your ipad is loaded up with Blaze and the Monster Machines or Animated movies. 

Anyway – all minor stuff. Even arriving two hours late had its plus points. Had we arrived on time, several flights would have converged on immigration at the same time. That can mean two hours waiting to get through, but we were the only flight in, so no queues at all and straight out to our monster truck of a hire car and the sunshine!

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